Thursday, March 15, 2007

What Do Non-Knitters Think?

I realized this morning as I was sitting in a doctor's waiting room in my sweats, surrounded by more professional looking types, that there is no way to look professional or intellectual (sweats aside) while knitting the toe of a sock.

I know this shouldn't matter to me... and deep down inside, I don't want to give a hoot what anyone else is thinking. But I have always been considered more of a serious, intellectual type. Now I don't want you to confuse this term "intellectual" with intelligence or smarts, think more along the lines of, well, boring. I'm much more likely to discuss politics, religion or the fall of the Roman Empire than the niceties of life like weather, how to prune rose bushes, or where to get the best deal on linens... mainly because I not only don't know, but don't care. Which would really make the only distinction between what I do and don't discuss my level of interest... not my level of knowledge.

I realize that to a non-knitter, the thought of knitting a sock is pretty insane. Heck, I thought it was insane my whole first year of knitting... until I started buying sock yarn and wearing colorful handknit socks (and buying more sock yarn). Then I got it. But I want to not care that those around me think I'm weird. People thinking I'm a bit nuts I can deal with... they pretty much figure that out when they hear I have 5 boys... but there's a big difference between being a bit nuts and doing something that others consider weird.

Another observation... non-knitters really don't get the shawl/shawlette thing at all. Not at all. I know because of the blank stares I get when somebody asks me about Clementine. "That's nice... what are you making?" Me, stammering and stuttering, as I quickly realize there is no easy or acceptable answer: "Well it's a little shawl... a shawlette... like a shoulder wrap." And being one who is prone to stammer on, I'll add: "Kind of like a wide scarf... when I finish and block it, it will stretch and flatten out and be very lacy and pretty and I can wear it with a dress or a tank and it'll be great and keep my shoulders warm... and... and... it's Alpaca and Silk... yes, silk!" If I'm lucky, at some point the blank face changes shape enough to say "Oh."

"Oh" is right. I need to hang out with more knitters. But truth be told... I have much more interest in knitting a shawlette than actually wearing one and I'm aware that the whole shawl thingy is an area of much debate among knitters themselves so I guess hoping for understanding in the outside world is a bit unrealistic.

Anyway, all the baseball and doctor visits have yielded one finished Jaywalker (modelled with style by my pal Andee) and a completed pair of summery socks from Kaity's Self-Striping yarn. Also, I found an LYS with a great button selection which has motivated me to finish Flair asap as well. Yes, I'm needing some closure.

BTW - I've been knitting my socks with the magic loop method which I absolutely love. No gaps, no dropped/lost needles, and I can try them on whenever. Very fun.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Not only is that SOME sock, that is a fantiastic foot model you've got! Is it the foot or the angle of the camera???? (Did she get paid in sock yarn????)

The model

knitknerd said...

Great socks!
I love the colors of that yarn dyed by Kaity - so sunshiney!
I've finally forced myself past my fear of the socks - I have my first sock on needles - very basic in some Trekking sock yarn that is the colors of those Brach's candies that look like neopolitan ice cream - oh so yummy as it sat very innocently in its strategic display right by the cash register - fear or no fear how could I resist that?

Laura said...

The socks are marvelous! I love using two circulars - someday I'll have to try the magic loop.

Kaity said...

Wow! The socks you knit with my yarn look awesome!! You've inspired me to finish the pair I was making with some of my yarn.

PS: Mine if I steal the picture and link to you in my blog or shop or something?

Kaity said...

Oops, I mean

"Mind if I steal the picture..."

Riggwelter said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog, and sat here nodding in agreement...There is a certain type of "oh" that can only be associated with the question "what are you knitting?" and the face to go with it.

I've just recently succumbed to the call of the sock and will have to try out magic looping.

What I meant to say was..."Great socks!"