Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yep - Baseball has Started

I want my boys to always know how much I love them... I want them to know that I will be there to support and encourage them in their endeavors... and if I ever seem less enthusiastic than I should, I apologize right now because it's not them. No, it's me and it's baseball... I really can't stand baseball. Period.

I have never been a big fan to begin with. I have always thought that 6 innings was plenty, pro pitchers should have a 30 second rule on releasing each pitch and beer should be cheaper. I really didn't think anything could be worse... but now I'm forced to endure 6 inning games that last for hours while eating soggy nachos from a snack shack that doesn't even sell beer. And I'm sorry, but unless my boy is at bat or fielding the ball, I'm just bored. There. I said it. I love my boys... I just can't stand baseball.

We had 2 games tonight (of the six total we will have between now and Saturday). Hubby was coaching the big boys so I went to the 9-10 yo game... which was, of course, at a different park. The snack shackless park... the parkless park... as usual. But hey, at least there was a ball for Dan the Man to kick around plus some dirt and a stick for JoJo. (Not to self: Remember the Game Boy next time.)

And look... if I squinted really hard I could see the Wy Guy waaaayyy out there. No not that kid... the one squatting behind him.
Yeah, way out there in right field. And just for the record, the kid is a stud, they would never have gotten creamed like they did if the coach had kept him at Shortstop. Just saying.

Of course, I had my socks with me... which only made me think about the STR yarn I had at home which would've matched my green tee and brown sweats so much better.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, I also need my boys to understand that I really can watch them play ball and knit at the same time... really.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Baseball season has started for us, too (I only have 1 boy who's old enough to play so far), but I actually like the game (don't throw knitting needles at me please). I bring my knitting to practice, though, allllll the time.