Monday, March 12, 2007

My Weekend

Baseball started, Daylight Savings ended (I think... or did it start?), the temperature hit 90 degrees, and I am lagging with a mysterious on again, off again illness plaguing me with a slight fever and fatigue. Let's just say that I'm not at my best. We could actually even say I'm a wee bit irritable... or even cranky.

And I'm guessing that some people may still be talking about the crazed woman in the Ella shawl who yelled at the coach who was screaming at her son at a certain baseball game. I'm guessing they don't see many shawl clad women taking on first base coaches, but I could be wrong. In my defense, I would like to add that sitting behind a gal on the heavy side who was wearing tight jeans and a black thong didn't do much for my mood. Maybe it's just me but I really don't want to know what kind or color underwear anyone else is wearing. At any rate, I am ashamed... I have only lost my cool at sporting events a couple of times and while I'd like to say this is because I am a very gentle, level-headed woman, it is mainly because of my husband's rules (which not only forbid me from yelling at coaches, refs, umpires, etc., but from communicating with them in general).

As you can see I've been knitting a bit of this and that as my attention span allows. Now that I've loosened up my tension, Peek-A-Boo is gliding along with much more ease. Aside from the fact that cotton does not want to cable and the Svale splits quite a bit, the fabric it's creating is really lovely.

Also pictured is a sock I've been working on with my Koigu from a free Diamond Lace pattern I found and the very beginning of the "No Sweat Socks" from No sheep for You with K1C2 Wick. As I said, short attention span.

ETA: Yes! This is Kaity's sock yarn! Isn't it great! It feels as good as it looks too. (Check out her dpn holders too. I just got one and I love it... very high quality for a great price.)


Laura said...

I love all your knitting projects! I've been bad lately and neglecting the Cabaret Raglan for some quicker knits - hurray for instant gratification!

Lynda said...

You've got a LOT of great knitting going on there! I almost envy you more-than-one-knit-at-a-time types!

Kaity said...

Hey, is that sock knit out of my yarn?! It looks awesome!!!

I love a Good Yarn said...

I am so glad you've gotten back into the knitting groove. I also love Kaity's sock yarn.

Donna Boucher said...

So many pretty projects!

Feel better soon.

I will pray.

Michelle said...

Hi Tammy! I was so surprised to see my sock pattern on your post! Looks great! Thank you for the comment you posted on my blog. It's alwasy so reassuring when you know someone else understands how you feel. Take care!