Sunday, March 18, 2007

Starting Bonita

After a successful trip to the LYS to help one of my new-knitter friends select yarn for the Mason-Dixon Nina Shawl, I popped a big frozen pasta casserole in the oven and decided to cast on for Bonita.

"With MC, crochet hook, waste yarn, and yada, yada, yada, use the provisional method to CO 222 sts." Wow, that's a lot of stitches... okay... crochet hook. I have at least three... where did they go? After checking all the usual places, I start digging in my knitting basket.

Let's see...

Labels from all the yarn I've used in the last, oh, who knows.

A missing tape measure, stitch markers and swatches (or, as I like to call them, evidence).

Pink yarn ready for February Valentine's Day socks (oops) and forgotten fingerless mitts that I could've totally used yesterday at baseball.

Oh boy! I'm not sure which I'm more pleased to find here...

But look! I could quite possibly take on the yarn with these Power Ranger weapons. Good find.

Aha! Finally... one of the three...

BEEP! Dinner's ready.

What's in your knitting basket??


Laura said...

Two handkerchiefs, four pens, a crochet hook, cough drops, a pad of paper, a measuring tape, two lego pieces, an old Celestial Seasonings tea tin with tiny scissors, point protectors, stitch markers, and a couple of coilless saftey pins. (I recently cleaned out all my knitting bags, and the lego pieces are Sam's.)

Donna Boucher said...

Are those unopened M&M's?

Girl, no wonder you are so slim.