Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Finished Diamonds!

How does a mother of 5 steal an afternoon of knitting?

1. Take the 10 yo to pick out a birthday Lego, then let him spend the rest of the day building it. This takes care of the curious 8 yo as well.

2. Pop in the new Charlotte's Web for 4 yo.

3. Assign plenty of independent school work to older boys (and have them check some of their own work).

4. Ignore all housework. Yeah, I know, this is the easy part... but I did keep the laundry going and prepared my recent b-day boy's favorite dinner.

Diamond Lace Socks by Miknits knit with Koigu KPPPM on size 1 Clover dpns.

Very fun, addictive pattern. I really enjoyed these and once I caught on to the diamond pattern without constantly referring to the pattern, they went really quick.

Just for fun... How many warnings, threats, and attempts do you think it takes do get 5 boys to stand still for a single picture???


And yes, it's clearly Supercuts time.


Lynda said...

Happy Birthday to your son(s)! Very nice socks!

Rohanknitter said...

My boys would love that lego set, Jabba's barge or whatever they call it.
Very cute socks!
We are due for a trip to supercuts as well!

sulingfei said...
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Michelle said...

Hey!! Great socks! I think yours is the first finished pair I've seen. It's so nice to see them knit by someone else!