Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good News... Bad News??

I'm still here. With my passport MIA, Julie rescued me from the anxiety and stress of late with a sight/yarn-seeing trip to L.A. I had finally settled into a state of acceptance and contentment (mostly sealed by a comment my DH made about bug nets over the beds) and was feeling pretty good gazing at the wall of Koigu. While trying to select a color, I was interrupted with "the call". The call I've been waiting for... the call I've cried for... the call I never thought would come... yet somehow... the call I've been dreading. (Don't ask... I don't get it either.)

My passport expedition agent was holding my passport. Okay... but there's only one flight out tomorrow and I would need to leave my house by 8:00 am to catch it... and my passport is in Houston. No problem, the agent informs me... it will be at my house by 10:30 tonight! (Same day shipping... can you believe it?!!) I make a phone call to Mexico, my mom books my flight, and everything is set. I'm going to Mexico... Mexico... one thing goes through my mind and it's not cerveza or Margarita... it's panic... sheer, nerve shaking panic.

Remember how I didn't want to go to begin with (I have a travel "thing")? But then, as it approached, I really wanted to go and was really bummed that I couldn't? Well, as it turns out... I think I was right before. The following shortness of breath and waves of nausea didn't seem to be normal joyful reactions.

Okay, I'm in a yarn store, I'm panicking... quick... what can I do... YARN! Grab yarn. Julie has made her purchase and settled down to knit. Okay, I follow suit. I make a Koigu purchase, as planned, and try to sit... but I can't... I pace.

We leave with an idea of getting some lunch but I inform Julie that I'm not hungry (read: I don't think I can sit still for, nor ingest, a meal) so we head to the next yarn shop. Julie sits to knit and I pace... and pace... and touch... and grab... and grab. Let me tell you friends that pacing a yarn store in a mild (ha!) state of panic is a dangerous thing.

But it sure felt good!

This last yarn is an amazing Rio de la Plata Merino DK.

I can't even begin to capture the rich colors... the label says "evergreen - black - Indial teal - rabbit - forest green" It's super soft and comes in hanks of 220 yds. I'm think a simple ribbed scarf or maybe a vest.

BTW: Remind me sometime to share with you my very scientific observations on the relationship between boys (of all ages) and the remote control. Oy!

Adios Amigos!

ETA: 10:45 - Still no passport. Apparently there was a delay at the airport... no... really?! Yawn.

ETA: 11:45 - I. Have. A. Passport! Deep breath.


Donna Boucher said...

You did it!

I am wishing your warm breezes and happy memories.

Take care.

knitknerd said...

Well that was quite an adventure -before even travelling anywhere!
We'll pray that you would be anxiety free and enjoy your trip - just take some of that yarn you have in the picture where you look totally blissful and rub it on your face during stressful moments.
Enjoy your moments in Mexico!

Laura said...

Have a great time and I'll read about it when you (and I) get back!

Michelle said...

Have a safe and happy trip!

Natalie said...

Whahoo! Congrats. Your trip will be in my prayers. Enjoy yourself.