Friday, April 06, 2007

The Passport Black Hole

I woke up a little late this morning and began my passport phone calls at 8:30. The people at the expedition service we are using are extremely friendly and assured me they were hard at work on getting my passport pushed through so it could be shipped today.

Staying optimistic, I printed out the to-do list I had typed and e-mailed myself last night (can't lose it that way) and set out to run all my various get-ready-to-go type of errands.

Haircuts at 2:30 were followed by a phone call from the "expedition service's rep" at 3:30 telling me that, in spite of never having this type of thing happen before, he was informed by the passport agency that my passport would not be ready until next "Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday". In other words, I was screwed.

So, near - very near - okay, possibly in - tears, I ran my last couple of errands one of which was at the kids' pediatrician's office where, upon noticing my black eye, I was informed that I should really go get a stitch. Yeah... I'd just put that my list...

I return home, retreat to my bedroom and continue to fume... then I start to wonder... then I make a direct phone call to the passport agency itself. After waiting on hold for over an hour, a very nice gentleman named Tim was kind enough to inform that my passport was completed at 12:38 today and ready for the "3:45-5:00" pick up. He's unsure if it's been mailed or picked up, but it was completed.

At this point I slowly begin to face the realization that the gentleman at the expedition service was either very confused about his job or not very forthcoming with me. This was a mistake. They have not returned my phone call(s) or e-mail at this point (it might have just been after-hours) but either way... Mexico is not looking too likely... and, of course, I had finally started looking forward to it. So I am frustrated, quite sad, and increasingly angry... but hopefully by writing some of this down and can leave some of frustration with it.

And anyone who is willing can pray for a miracle delivery of my passport tomorrow.


Michelle said...

This is for you: (((BIG HUG)))! Don't worry, everything will work out. When you're sitting on the beach in the hot, Mexican sun, you'll laugh about all this!

Donna Boucher said...

Thinking of you and your passport!
Saying a prayer.