Friday, October 27, 2006

Losing Touch?

I worry sometimes that I may be - in some ways - losing touch a bit with reality... with what's truly important as opposed to what is - well, I suppose to some people - basically irrelevant. I usually try to avoid any type of self-reflection that might make me feel a little off center but some days I just can't help it.

It started this morning when I was getting dressed. I put on one of my standard Old Navy t- shirts and in an "Aha!" moment ran to my sock yarn drawer, grabbed a hank of yarn and thought this yarn would be perfect with this shirt! It was DK weight so I (very) briefly considered if socks could be knit in the 2 hours before I had to leave the house (of course not), so then considered just bringing it with me since it matched so well. Red Flag #1.

We then spent a great afternoon with (almost) all of our best friends at a Harvest Party. The kids were all in their costumes roller skating, playing games and gluing feathers on pumpkins (at least mine did). The moms all got to visit and snack. It was fun for all, but of course... I probably don't even need to say this... I forgot my camera. I'm used to this and it probably wouldn't make me feel so bad (read "out-of-touch") if I had also forgotten to take a picture of my finished sock and Fetching glove. Of course I didn't... those fine moments are safely stored on my camera. Red Flag #2.

I would show you these photos and share the joy of my richly colored STR sock and ponder the concerns of the curling Fetching but the battery on my camera just died because I never (ever) remember to recharge it. BTW - This is not a red flag... for me this is the most normal thing I did all day.

I think the grand Red Flag #3 just came when my 9 yos W (who is waiting for the computer so he can waste his time doing silly things like poking around the National Geographic website reading about animals all over the world and watching their live Africa webcam) saw that I was blogging and very matter of factly said, "What? Are you going to tell them you just broke your needle?"

His comment made my knitting and blogging seem, well, so silly... so trivial... Or does he see through it all and understand it a bit too well? Humph. At any rate, I guess when my 9 yo thinks I'm a bit out there, I may need to work a bit harder to appear normal for a while. Okay, I won't carry matching yarn with me anymore.

Anyway, on another, more worthy note... I got info on this Red Scarf Project today from Interweave Knits. It's a program to provide orphans who are heading off to college with scarves. They also offer a pattern idea. You can find out more at the link on my side bar.


Lynda said...

That's too funny.... and too true! I love your son's comment :o)

Charity said...

Kids just have a way of putting things into perspective, eh?

Soooo... are you saying there's something wrong with wearing a hank (a very small hank) of yarn as a necklace because it matches? Not that I've done this, of course, just checking! :0)

knitknerd said...

Great post! Right there with you in that alternate universe -

I love a Good Yarn said...

Red flags are not really important...they are just red herrings in disguise, and who would want to follow THEM? Homemade socks that match your shirt are a must! Let's keep some perspective here!