Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stasher's Stress & Fiber Frenzy

What is it about yarn that makes acquiring the fiber itself as thrilling as casting on a new project or finally weaving in the last end of one you're anxious to wear? Maybe because the gratification is instant... you are immediately thrilled to have the new yarn... and immediately able to imagine it's potential and what it could be... you can touch it and hold it and admire it, it's yours and it's new! I rarely stop to think realistically enough to grasp the fact that it's not instantly going to become what I want when I get home, or that it may take a while to get to, or that with the yarn I've already acquired I'd better hope for a daughter-in-law or granddaughter who knits so she'll be happy to inherit it when I die. No... in my overly enthusiastic mind... it's another beautiful sweater/scarf/sock that I will soon be parading around in.

Just yesterday, I had to return a single ball of leftover yarn to my LYS... well I couldn't exchange it for just a single ball of something else... that would be silly. So, even though I have dozens of projects I could cast on immediately, and even though I have just acquired yarn for both Knitty's Ella and Scarf Style's Lady Eleanor (both of which I plan to start yesterday), I exchanged my single ball for 4 balls of oh-so-soft Rowan Cashsoft DK for Midwest Moonlight... which of course I'm going to start right away. Hmmm.

Well apparently, in His infinite wisdom, God saw it fit to bless me with one very mature son to put me in my place when necessary. As we were driving home yesterday, my dear 12 yos - who has always been wise beyond his years - said, "You're never going to knit that... it's just going to go in your bins. You never knit anything you have." (Which is not entirely true.) I replied, "Of course I do, I just usually knit with the new yarn instead of the older stuff." (I know... no logic but I'm talking to a kid... didn't think I needed it.) He looks at me and says, "Yeah... but tomorrow this will be old." I changed the subject.

Anyway, my blogger friend, Lynda, has just officially joined the fellowship of stashers and to ease some of her newly developed "Stasher's Stress", I am going to share just a glimpse into my collection of yarn and intentions. First notice that my stash does not fit on a shelf but in a stack of bins that reaches the ceiling. I have enough sock yarn to warm my feet through the next ice age (and it's increasing at a rate disproportionate to it's rate of use)... plus enough sweater yarn to knit up a wardrobe fit for a New York winter. But, today let's just talk about scarves because it seems that lately this has become a renewed interest for me. Starting with Scarf Style alone, today's pictures feature yarn for Ene (Morehouse Merino 2 strand which was originally, and may still be, for Interweave's Viennese Shrug), Lady Eleanor (Noro Silk Garden), Backyard Leaves (Karabella Aurora), Vintage Velvet (Touch Me obtained in a swap), and Midwest Moonlight (Rowan Cashsoft DK). And along the same theme, we have the Lorna's Laces for Knitty's Ella. ALL collected w/in the last couple of months and all to be knit by yesterday!

BTW - on the needles I have a sleeve for Viveka (it's okay - the rest of the sweater can wait), a sock (which I gotta finish so I can knit the Lorna's Laces OSU Buckeye socks before football season is over. Stop that... I hear you laughing), and, of course, my SKB which is resting quietly and contentedly at the moment.

Feel better yet Lynda? Oh yeah... here's my beltless Starsky with the unwoven ends as promised. (Looks like it could use another blocking though.) I love this sweater!


Lynda said...

Oh.My.Word. Yes, I'm feeling MUCH better, stash-wise.

And.... your Starsky is GREAT! Why aren't you wearing that thing every day!? Oh yeah.... it hasn't been cold. Ok, I'll give you another few weeks to weave in the ends.

Now I'm wondering If I'm gonna like my Starsky in brown...?

I love a Good Yarn said...

I am so glad to see the height of your tower! At least you have it all in one place. My stuff is all over!

"Fiber Frenzy" - I really like the sound of that term.

Do you know if Lynda is going to join you on the Lady Eleanor or the Ella?

Tammy said...

No, I believe that Lynda already has a couple of other projects lined up. ;)

But, I think I know someone who Loves a Good Yarn who's ready to join me in this endeavor.

I love a Good Yarn said...