Monday, October 30, 2006

Knitting on the Mind

So, is it okay to knit in church if you're knitting a hat for a mission or ministry? Actually, I would like to knit in church regardless of what I'm knitting because it would really help me focus on the sermon more since I have a terrible wandering mind. As I sat there yesterday, I realized that the project in my purse (I always have a little project in my purse since I never know when I'm going to need it) was being knit in His service so working on it in church would make complete sense. DH even agreed. But I didn't... I never have...

I remember many years ago at another church, there was a very well respected lady who started doing needlework during the service each week. At first it was little projects but eventually she began bringing big framed pieces. Well, this was long before my knitting days began and I remember being so horrified by this behavior... I mean... how unholy could one woman be?! And what if all the women in the church were busy with yarn and needles during the service... wouldn't that be chaotic and, well, irreverent? So weekly I would sit there and stew at the audacity of this woman to bring such frivolity into church. (Yeah - I know... which one of us had the bigger problem?)

Which brings me to the present... Now I get it. But it's too late. I could never knit in church after the hateful thoughts I harbored so many years ago. I mean, talk about a hypocrite! And I certainly wouldn't want to distract some other poor soul with bitter thoughts during church. (And yeah... I also get it now that the problem was mine not hers.)

Oh well, I'm still not sure if it's appropriate or not... but I'm pretty sure that sitting there for an hour thinking, "I could be knitting," is not entirely righteous either. I'm so glad He accepts me as I am... and especially glad that He loves me too much to leave me this way!

BTW - No new pics... battery still dead. Apparently plugging a camera in for recharging is a much more demanding task than one would think.

I do have one here of DH in all his glory while caring for our plagued household last week. (This is a man who takes the stomach flu very seriously.) Unfortunately, Stepping Heavenward fell victim to my 4 year-old's, um, you know, so now I have to order another one to finish it. I guess I wasn't ready for the rest of it yet.


knitknerd said...

I have on occasion carried a small knitting project in my purse to church, but have never felt quite comfortable enough to pull it out -I really don't think God would hold it against us - but it's the whole distracting other people thing that keeps me from clicking away during the sermon - "setting your mind on things above" isn't always an easy thing is it? Thank God for His unbelievable grace.

I love a Good Yarn said...

Oh, my friend! I know to whom you refer. And I sat there thiking those very same, judgemental thoughts. Guess what? She saw me knitting in church on my only knitting day ever in church. As I was wondering what she and everybody else thought, I realized that my knitting certainly wasn't as distracting as that very cute baby who sits in front of me each week. I think the mother shows her off there on purpose, to us, a captive audience. What that an uncharitable thought? Again? Ahhh...I guess I am not cured yet. Maybe I ought to get this plank out of my eye soon!

Oh yeah...I picked up Stepping Heavenward and am almost done. You can read mine very soon.

Old Knitter said...

I have wondered this same thing EVERY Sunday.....I know it's only an hour, but I can knit and listen. I have never seen anyone else do it and so I don't....but, I'd love to.

Charity said...

I can't see how it would be a problem, but you could always ask the pastor, or whoever. I think if you were concerned about distracting others, you could tuck back into a corner or the far row, and be okay.

As far as the thoughts go... we all have them. Ask forgiveness and move on! :0) (Isn't is always the worst when you end up doing something you've previously judged someone else for? Thank God for Grace!)

Charity said...

PS - thanks for the suggestion on the gloves, I downloaded the PDF last night from IK!