Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Stockinette Slump

Nothing can wind up my A.D.D. like good ole stockinette knitting. Lace, cables, patterns... all good. They keep my mind engaged and challenged enough that it can't wander further. But unless I'm watching a good movie, a couple inches of stockinette can take me an eternity! How can I knit for hours and only finish an inch of simple circular knitting? Could it be the magazine I stopped to read? The snacks? The channel surfing? The football conversations with boys (yeah- I'm that distracted)? Or the frequent internet visits to explore whatever quirky thought has popped into my head... like "Who was in that movie we watched last night? He looked familiar... let me check it out..." or "I wonder if so-and-so has posted on her blog?" or "Maybe I'll look at that Hill Country Instant Gratification sock yarn again... check out all the colors... select a few... consider an order... then not place it... again..." Or maybe I'll mindlessly blog so you can get a most likely slightly concerning look into my life.

Anyway, I finally got my books off my nightstand (actually, I sent son to get books and yes there are 2 because I don't know what I feel like reading yet) so I can buckle down and finish this sucker up. Reading while I knit seems to do the trick... it's just holding the book that's the problem.

Oops - well now little one wants to read his chameleon book... again... so stockinette will have to wait. Unless... unless I can knit while I read to him. Hmmm... I'll let you know how it goes.

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