Monday, May 28, 2007

At Least For Today

The war in Iraq. You can't find a much more controversial or divisive subject these days.

But for today, at least for this one day, I am compelled to put aside any opinions or convictions I may feel on the subject and encourage you to do the same.

Today, at least for today, take a moment to watch this short video (thank you Angelika) and think about our troops. Think about their brave service, their strength and courage, and the sacrifices being made by the soldiers and their families.

Today, at least for today, lay every opinion aside and think only of the men and women who must fight bravely on while we enjoy a day off.

Because whether it is a cause one believes in or not... America could not be a free nation without men and women like these who, throughout history, have been willing to put their lives on the line to protect a greater good. They aren't policy makers, they are soldiers doing a job... and we need them. Any way you look at it, America could not exist without them. And they our worthy of our utmost respect and gratitude... of our support and prayers... today... and every day.

Let's not let them down.

And, if you want to do something more... something tangible, Ruth has just posted a contest for knitters willing to knit or crochet helmet liners for our troops. (And as if the cause wasn't worthy enough to begin with, just think, it will mean a trip to the LYS or a dip into that stash overflow - leaving room for more yarn - just to get started! It's really a win/win project!)

Happy Memorial Day Friends!

I'm off to knit... or quite possible nap... and feeling quite grateful for the opportunity to choose! :)


Kaity said...

I love that idea for knitting helmet liners. I'll knit one, but I don't have any 100% wool in the necessary colors in my stash.

Angelika said...

Thank you for the link to the video again. I had to redo my post and got it to show up now. Unfortunately your comment got deleted. Thanks for your support. It's greatly appriciated.