Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Embossed Leaves

What?! A finished knit? Could it be? Yes!

Presenting Interweave's Embossed Leaves Socks knit with Koigu kpppm...

I definitely have some pooling going on and though it does bum me out a bit, I still LOVE these socks. I enjoyed the pattern, working with the Koigu, and every last stitch.

I have a couple of lonely onlies that need matches but I can't wait to cast on for another pair of Favorite Socks from Interweave.

Darn pooling. But please don't suggest that I knit alternating rows with 2 balls at once because I will just laugh. People usually only see part of your socks anyway... right?

Oh well, it's a good thing I'm not a perfectionist. I don't notice it as much when they're on my feet. I will just never look at this picture again.

Something Red is nearing completion as well, so I may have a second finished knit to post this week. Woo-hoo. Maybe the lack of caffeine is helping me actually sit still and stay focused on one thing at a time. Hmmm??

Speaking of which... Laura, you alone are responsible for the above. I had to grab it when I saw it in 7-11 after seeing it on your blog. Diet Coke with vitamins and minerals?! Wow! That's practically a complete diet! Yes, I know... caffeine. But I have cut back, way back, to a small(er) coffee in the morning. This was the first diet soda I've had in almost a week!! But I'm thinking that with the vitamins and minerals that maybe this should be my morning drink... much healthier I'm sure. I mean it does have vitamins!

Finally, a gratuitous picture of oldest son pitching and number two son playing 2nd base to the left... because, you know, you can never have enough sports pictures in a knitting blog. Really!

You can't tell here, but he looks like me. "Of course he does," you're probably thinking. But when your the olive-skinned, brunette, brown-eyed mother of 4 fair, blond, hazel eyed boys... believe me... it's worth pointing out that one does, in fact, look like you. (He hates it by the way.)


Michelle said...

Coke with vitamins?!? I've never heard of that before! Gotta get me some!!!

Laura said...

The socks are gorgeous!

Sorry about enabling you, but isn't it good? Now watch Coke discontinue it....

Donna Boucher said...

Your socks are very pretty!
You can barely notice the pooling!

Can you wear those wool socks in Cal. this time of year?

knitknerd said...

Those socks look great!

Tammy said...

Thank you!