Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Advice Please

Boy, I guess project monogamy makes me a boring blogger. I've been working solely on my mom's Tulip sweater when time has allowed this week. I'm quite amazed with my new found ability to stay focused on a single project... and even more amazed that I actually get things finished this way. What d'ya know?

I finished the back and one front and have just started the other front. Soon I'll need to block and seam which leads me to a question. As I mentioned before, the yarn is a blend of 57% Viscose, 22% Linen, and 21% Acrylic. According to the directions, it can be dry cleaned or hand washed in soap flakes (but no soaking) then dried flat. If needed, it can be pressed with a cool iron and a damp pressing cloth.

So... what should I do to block it? A quick wash and the blocking board? Cool iron? (It doesn't seem that a cool iron would be very helpful.) Steam?

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

I just got the pictured stitch markers on sale from Dragonlady Designs at Etsy. Sometimes it's the little things that perk up a project... and I can be quite easily amused.


Wendy said...

If I were you, or you were me, I'd just steam the heck out of it with my steamer.

Shar said...

I hate to say this, but you could test both out on your swatch. I've recently converted to a full fledged (sp?) swatcher.