Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

Here's a peek at Something Red blocking. I'm a bit concerned that I may have to re-do the front trim and collar as it was pulling a bit at the bottom but I'm seeking repair through the wonders of blocking first.

After all of your comments and e-mails discouraging me from parting with more stash, I had to reconsider. With a quick survey of my limited storage space, I realized that I had a whole huge bin of old purses taking up space in one of my closets. Purses that haven't been touched in years... ugly purses, old purses, stained purses. Purses that provide no joy to my fingertips, in a bin that I never open just to gaze at the colors. Purses that have no hope of ever being useful, becoming something far greater than what they are, or securing any real value in my heart.

So, instead of getting rid of yarn... I ditched the purses and got me a whole new bin to start filling up... uh, I mean, to meet any possible storage needs.

It's a good thing too, because it occurred to me today while I was laying out Something Red that I have no red socks! Not even red sock yarn. This simply won't do... I'll have to take care of that ASAP! Meanwhile, I'm going to attempt to finish a match a lonely only that's been sitting around for about 9 months.


5elementknitr said...

Good call! Before you toss/donate those purses, check to see if you can remove/reuse any of the handles for some knitted purses! Also, the Yarn Pirate has just updated her shop with a whole lot of new sock yarn and my other favorite is Fearless Fibers at Etsy. And remember, if the SO (significant other) doesn't see it come in the house, it doesn't exist!

Laura said...

Something Red is so lovely! And that's a great idea to get rid of something you're not using and probably won't use, rather than getting rid of YARN!