Monday, May 21, 2007

Oooh... Mail!

Actually, the package on the bottom brought the standardized tests for the boys. I'm not in the habit of testing regularly since I don't "teach to the test" but since test taking is truly a skill in itself, I do it occasionally for the exposure.

The best part... test proctors have time to knit. Yesterday I finished knitting the pieces of Tulip, so I took a day off today to finish a sock. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Openwork Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. Love it!

I also got a bit of time to read this afternoon. The Brothers Karamazov is an amazing read. It really engages the mind... which I love... but it makes for poor bedtime reading. So enter Agatha Raisin, my favorite brash Cotswold detective for a little mindless pleasure.

(Did you know that you can knit a pair of short summer socks out of only one hank of Lorna's Laces? Just saying.)

Anyway, from"The Brothers":

"... as soon as man rejects miracles, he will at once reject God as well, for man seeks not so much God as miracles."

Genius insight... Sad, but true.


Natalie said...

You have got to be the fastest knitter. I am so jealous! Are you a thrower (or whatever they call them - English) or a Continental knitter?

Tammy said...

Continental. But I'm really not that fast... mostly because I usually jump between projects so much. It takes great effort and determination on my part and stick with it until completion... but wow! I actually get things done when I do! :)

Laura said...

That's funny about proctoring and knitting - I knitted a sock while my kids tested a few weeks ago!

Donna Boucher said...

Interesting quote.

We humans are really more interested in Santa God than a Creator God.

Waht good is He if he doesn't give us what we want?

When really...He has given us everything already.