Friday, January 19, 2007


We have dogs... 3 dogs. Two big labs, one little beagle.

We have a neighbor, many neighbors actually, but one in particular who lives right behind us.

Our dogs bark sometimes... our neighbor doesn't care for this.

Our neighbor tore down the wooden fence between our properties, put up a wrought iron fence (to improve their view), tore out one of my big bushy bushes in the process... and now... complains about our dogs.

Our neighbor put a pool in right next to the fence and doesn't like it when our dogs run around and bark as his kids noisily jump, laugh & play.

Our neighbor has loud parties... late parties... keeping us awake type of parties... we've never said a word.

Our neighbor's son shot our beagle with an airsoft gun last summer... now she howls when they come home everyday. He doesn't like this either (yet refuses to acknowledge the logic of the beagles fearful reaction to their presence).

Our neighbor calls if one of the dogs bark for dinner.

Our neighbor calls if we are not home and our beagle howls... he calls a lot... he calls and leaves recordings of our dog howling. He calls and leaves "teacher voice" messages like we are stupid fools who are simply letting our dogs bark. (He's an 8th grade teacher and his voice radiates condescension.)

Our neighbor ignores my children when they say "hi". (Did I mention he's a teacher?)

None of our other neighbors hear our dogs. I'm thinking I don't like this neighbor too much. I'm thinking we're going to put a big thick wooden fence along the back of our yard so our dogs can't bother him, he can't bother them, and... most importantly... he stops bothering me!

Just saying... now back to knitting. Hmph!


Donna Boucher said...

I would get a big ole fence.

Sorry you have a cranky neighbor. That is no fun at all. :o(

Charity said...

Sigh. Neighbors. :0(

PJ said...

Had a neighbor like that, called the town on us, thought we should be paying taxes on a patio we installed. Nope said the inspector, mighty fine untaxable patio. Neighbor thought he was The perfect neighbor, thought he did no wrong, only others were wrong. Boy did he make a mistake. We quietly doccumented all his undertakings and when things had gone too far (or just far enough) we had the town step in. So remember- towns do have codes and restrictions that your cranky neighbor needs to meet. If he has loud parties late, have the police deal with him, don't do it yourself. If his children hurt your dogs let the police and ASPCA deal with him. He needs to be put in his place and obey the law!

Rubys & Purls said...

I totally understand and I totally agree with PJ! Let the police deal with him! And ASPCA! Neighbors! I can't believe what some people will do to animals!

Anonymous said...

I would put in the wooden fence. As long as it is on your sign of the property line I suspect he can't do a darn thing about it. If he complains, tell him you were just trying to keep the dogs from barking at him!

I have dogs too. Fortunately at this house (we moved because of previous neighbors) we have good neighbors. But I feel for ya'

Jen said...

I'm cranky with those neighbors, just reading about them. I wish that sitting him and this family down would work this out, but it doesn't sound like it. If you are able to deal with his phone calls, do so and let it be water under the bridge. However, if he or his children ever acutally harm your pets or property again. Document it and deal with it PJ style.