Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tangles of Yarn

I received a special delivery today. Special for a couple of reasons... 1) it was yarn and 2) it will be the last yarn package that I receive for a while (if I'm a good girl). I ordered this from the Year End Sale of a well-known Internet yarn store on December 14th. (Clearly speed was not on their side.) I literally jumped for joy when my son brought the package inside today. But look, what is that dangling out of the corner of the envelope (and, more importantly, has any of it been cut off!) Please note that in my enthusiasm/panic I tore the package open without thinking to take a picture first so this picture here is a reenactment if you will.

When I opened the envelope, this is what tumbled out. 12 balls of Karabella Aurora 8 in Persimmon, 5 of which have clearly sat on a shelf somewhere for too long and had dangling tangles of yarn. (It's hard to see the ones with loose yarn twisted and re-wrapped around the outside of the balls, but believe me, they're there.) Maybe I just haven't been around the block enough, but even at a great sale price, I expected new yarn to look like new yarn and at least be adequately packaged. Hmph. I don't think it's actually damaged (unless several yards were cut off by a mailworker somewhere along the line) but let's just say I'm not very impressed with their service. I do, however, love this yarn!

Meanwhile, I've been going round and round on the bottom of Sahara. (Saturday... can it be done???) Lastly here's a picture of my finished Midwest Moonlight in RYC Cashsoft DK. Isn't it lurvely?! So snuggly.


Lynda said...

Oh that is SO wrong. One of my pet peeves is that something that's supposed to be new, LOOKS new! I want to be the first one to mess up the newness.
I'd be crushed.

I do love your scarf, though!

Charity said...

Ooooh, Moonlight is soooo snuggly looking!

Grrrrr. I would be annoyed if I opened up that package, too. :0)

Donna Boucher said...

Dang about the yarn.

Show some integrity, people!!!

I hope it was at least 50% off for that mess.

I love a Good Yarn said...

I love your midwest moonlight and want to copy it!
I also love that you re-created the packaging snafu created by such thoughtless and fumbling hands.