Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Peek at Sahara

After being set aside for the last several weeks to focus on Christmas gifts and some smaller projects, Sahara sat glaring at me from my knitting basket today as I tried to finish up a couple of socks (not matching ones mind you... no, 2 separate lonely socks - as part of my first goal in January which is to finish up some actual PAIRS! But I digress.) I have to admit that my thoughts of Sahara were not good as I sat here.

I anxiously awaited the release of the pattern (which I'm still very much in love with) but in a rather overly enthusiastic, impulsive move I spent way too much money on this exquisite RYC Silk Wool DK in an especially stain attractive shade of light beige. Why? Because I wanted to start it NOW (which was then) and I selectively chose what was available that fit the gauge (almost) at the LYS where I had a coupon. (I know this doesn't sound like me... rash, impulsive, extravagant... but go figure.)

So today I'm thinking a bit more rationally (you know 2 whole days into my yarn diet thingy), and I begin to think about the impractical color choice, the cost of the yarn, and wearing long sleeves when it just won't stay below 60 degrees. That and the fact that I rarely (read never) go anywhere that would provide an opportunity to wear such a classy & elegant sweater (aside from it's intended destinations of a Christmas party last month and my step-brother's wedding this weekend).

But then... but then, just a few moments ago, I decided to pull it out (debating in the back of my mind how much of the yarn I had used and how much I could return for a more practical selection) and knit just a couple of stitches before going to bed. And the yarn... oh the yarn, and how it glides across the needles... Hmph I thought, I bet I blew my gauge adjustments and it was never going to fit... So I thread it onto some scrap yarn and tried it on. And look... it fits! It really fits! (Of course, I have to add there is some stockinette curling going on and a wide lacy border to add in so it will be quite a bit more modest than this.)

Anyway, my enthusiasm is renewed. I still have no idea where I'll get to wear it, but it's going to be great when it's done. Of course, the wedding is still 3 full days away... and it's an evening wedding so that's another 1/2 day... hmmmmm.


Lynda said...

I'm TOTALLY in the same boat - I just bought some beautiful things at an Ann Taylor outlet - a silk twinset of all things, gorgeous, in stain-attractive offwhite... and thought to myself, besides church, I don't have ANYWHERE to wear this... so, one of my goals this year is to class up my daily act just a bit, maybe even my weekly Bible study attire. Otherwise, where will I ever wear the Sizzle I've almost finished (with a camsisole underneath, of course) - or the Eiffel sweater I'm casting on for next. Definitely have to class up my act :o)

Your Sahara is going to be gorgeous!

Here's an idea, when we finally get together, we'll dress up for each other!

I love a Good Yarn said...

Who wouldn't be enthused about your Sahara? I think it will be absolutely gorgeous and I agree with Lynda about classing up our act sometimes. Jeans and a tee shirt are pefect, but so is a very nice sweater. So, don't look back.

Tammy said...

Great idea Lynda! And when we meet we will only drink club soda.

And knowing me Julie, I'll probably wear Sahara with jeans! Although I did get a brown faux chamois skirt from Coldwater Creek with it in mind as well.

But those dirty little fingers all around my house. Yikes!

amanda said...

I started Sahara recently and had doubts about when I would actually wear it, since i did splurge on the 1 skein of disco lights and it will be sparkly.

i say we can wear it whenever we like - because it's going to be beautiful and deserves to be shown off!

glad yours fits. I am close to joining in the round and will try it on then. i'm nervous because i dont know if the negative ease is going to happen in the yarn i'm using (a 50/50 wool silk blend).

cant wait to see more progress shots!

Charity said...

Sahara is wonderful, and you're going to look great! Have you seen the cap sleeve version? Might just get you to the church on time! :0)

Tammy said...

I like your thinking Charity. I'm sure I could get the body done. I can always add the long sleeves later. Hmmmm.