Monday, January 22, 2007

Evening View

I was just over at my mom's house where this was the view.

Such wildfires are almost unheard of in January, but in spite of the recent freezing temperatures, our weather remains windy and dry. The So Cal firefighters do an absolutely amazing job of saving homes in these fires. The pictured hillside is covered with homes (as you can see by the scattered lights) but the firefighters had done their job well and the fire was moving away.

When we left, we passed a helicopter reloading for a water dump in a large parking lot that had been closed off by police. Very surreal. We drove home praying for the brave firefighters and the families whose homes are threatened by the flames.

(On a lighter note... I didn't have my camera so I took these pics with my cell phone and e-mailed them to myself. You might do this type of thing all the time but it was the utmost in technological achievements for me.)

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