Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Intentions Were Good... Really!

Size 1 DPNs. That is what I was in search of. I know my weaknesses and would've in no way set foot into a yarn store so soon into my "Knit from your Stash" commitment, if I hadn't lost one of my size 1 dpns that I needed to finish a pair of socks. I even considered using just the 4 which I don't mind except that it was feeling awkward. Really.

But, in the nature of full disclosure, I will confess my teeny, tiny stumble.

1) Magazines... not yarn, totally allowed... no guilt.

2) Sock yarn - technically allowed... I know I said I wouldn't buy any but my LYS rarely has anything exciting in the way of sock yarn so I was not prepared to be tempted in this cruel manner so soon. It is the new Tofutsies from SWTC (that the salesgal took a moment to specifically point out to me as I was not yarn shopping - only needle shopping). Add that to the fact that I was wearing a pink (Old Navy, of course) t-shirt this morning, thinking how I really need some cute pink socks.

3) I know this looks like yarn, but it's a headband. Really it is... or it will be soon. I need a warm headband (as I look terrible in hats). BTW - this yarn was conveniently stashed right below the dpns. (They got me coming and going.)

And the size 1 dpns... they were out. $30 and no dpns. I almost went to another LYS but I caught myself. I'll just knit on with 4... I'm not taking any chances.

BTW - I would like to add that I was out and about only because I had chosen to take a couple of my boys to the library and bookstore instead of staying home and working like a maniac to get Sahara done for this weekend. I was trying to do the right thing... that should count for something. Shouldn't it?


Donna Boucher said...

You are hilarious!
And in denial...but still hilarious!

Laura said...

Hey! I call that a real good faith effort!

I'm knitting from stash since we moved here a year ago. There are no LYS's, so I *have* to knit from my stash. I *did* receive some yarn for Christmas, so I'm not bereft.

You know you can use a different size dpn along with your four #1's? It's an Elizabeth Zimmermann trick and it works - I've tried it! As long as you always knit the stitches onto the 1's, your knitting will have the correct gauge. I've done it with a hat and a basket, and with the hat I think two of my needles were off - I needed 6's and had to sub a 5 and an 8 for two of the 6's. It really works! Just make sure you always knit *onto* a 1. (Might be tricky if you subbed a size 11 with your 1's... .)

Lynda said...

"sock yarn technically doesn't count," and "it looks like yarn but it's a head band," - you're a PRO!, and my hero!!

Charity said...

Too funny, Tammy! I love the soon to be pink socks! :0)

I love a Good Yarn said...

That ball, there on your's called YARN!

We forgive you and love you anyway.

Tammy said...

And I must thank you Julie for keeping me from buying another "headband" today!