Tuesday, January 30, 2007


First, I want to say "Hi" to all of you who are popping over from Wendy's blog after her mention of my Sahara. It was a very interesting and enjoyable pattern to knit and I encourage anyone who is considering it to go for it. The instructions are clear, easy to follow and offer plenty of advice and tips for customization if you desire.

If the cost of the Tilli Thomas yarn puts you off, there are plenty of other yarns to choose from. I loved the Cascade Pima Silk that I used for the SKB and Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece would be another even more economical option that matches gauge as well. (I plan on making a sleeveless summer version in one of these options in a few months.)

I used a DK yarn which knit up at 22 st/4 inches and went up a pattern size. Had I thought it through, I could've also gone up a needle size and gotten gauge with the DK weight as well. (What can I say... thinking ahead is not my strength, casting on is.)

On another note... I became aware today of a fellow knit blogger whose infant son has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. In addition to requesting your prayers, I would also like to refer you to Supercrafty, her business, so we can support her financially as well. While I've never met Allison personally, I have done business with her and have always been impressed with her selection, prices, and speedy delivery. So, check out Supercrafty for any knitting or craft supplies you may be looking for and support a fellow knitter in need. (Heck, I bet she has some great options for Sahara!)

Lastly, my Noro Silk Garden Mondo Cable Vest stole my attention from Wicked last night (I'm captivated by the colors) and accompanied me through both "24" & "Prison Break" (both great shows... but is anybody else slightly bothered by the thought that it all comes down to Jack and his brother who, between the two of them, are apparently the masterminds of instigating and solving all terrorist plots in the USA? I guess the world really does revolve around Jack. It makes me think they should just sit down and arm wrestle and get it over with.)

Anyway, the vest... bad idea for intense TV viewing knitting... especially when I'm at the shoulder decreases... which were done... and redone... etc. But the back is done and I'm ready for the front which concerns me because I tend to like things lined up and I know the front is unlikely to match the back. Again, lack of forethought left me unprepared for this moment. (Good thing I'm only a wanna-be perfectionist so I will proceed instead of frogging and re-knitting it in the round... at least for now.)

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Donna Boucher said...

You're famous :o)

I can't wait to get my yarn from Allison! She has already shipped it! She is really fast! And I loved her selection.