Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maybe It'll Stretch?

Wow - I love this pattern. I just finished up the diamond rib neckline on Sahara and the stitch is so pretty. But something very strange and disconcerting is happening as I knit this sweater... this puppy is actually shrinking while I'm knitting it! Truly! I know this doesn't sound possible but I'm sure it's a tad smaller, a bit tighter, every time I try it on. I was shooting for slightly loose and drapey, but now I'm nearing, well, snug... snuggly snug. Hmmmm.

My dear husband was kind enough to suggest that I had started the sweater a couple of weeks before Christmas and, you know, we've had the holidays and all. I was about to glare, okay, maybe I did, but yep, he's right.

So I guess that leaves me with 2 options... visit the frog pond, or *big sigh* the other thing. Okay Donna, tomorrow I start walking... most likely... probably... I'm really gonna try... really. In the meanwhile, I think I'll start a sock.


noreen said...

Oh, it looks great. Can you block it? Was that lace trim difficult? I've been hesitating on this.

Tammy said...

The lace trim is not difficult at all! Very manageable... really!

amanda said...

The lace panel in the center probably pulled it together tighter a bit. Dont listen to your husband!

You could block it into shape and stretch it a bit, or the yarn might loosen up over time. looks great.

Donna Boucher said...

It does look pretty!

I think the yarn is shrinking. You are so slim...

But walking feels good and is good for you even tho you don't need to lose weight!

Steak away!!!

Wendy said...

I was just reading Donna's comment and had to chuckle. I think she meant, "Streak Away," not, "Steak Away." Hmmm. Foood. Yuuuuummm.