Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Little Distraction

I decided that in order to succeed with Sahara, I must persevere in the best way I know how... cast on for something else! As I lay awake last night pondering the disappearance of my knitting mojo, I realized that all of my favorite knits spent several brief spells in hibernation while they were in progress. A-ha! Remember, I mentioned that Sahara needed just such a rest last week? Yet, while en route to "the drawer", I (against my own better judgement) tried it on once more and decisively determined that it must be finished!

Well once I realized the much needed rest I had deprived Sahara of, I was quick to set about correcting my mistake. Considering that "the sleeve" had not only left me more than a bit blue, but had cost me sleep as well, I knew that I couldn't just settle for a simple quick fix like a scarf. No... this was going to require something much more rejuvenating, something fresh, something exciting! This was going to require a new pattern and, most definitely, a trip to the LYS.

Now, while the new Artyarns Supermerino wasn't technically *in* my stash... I did "purchase" it by returning quite a bit of yarn from my stash that I had picked up for little things, like hats and gifts that never got knit, as well as some sweater yarn I wasn't using. So really I was very resourceful and the yarn ended up costing me very little. Really!

And yeah, I know, I should just remove the stinkin' button from my sidebar. But the guilt (& humiliation) it imposes will eventually make it impossible for me to stumble without dying of shame.

Anyway, the pattern is Zephyr's new Wicked sweater... So tonight I cast-on (big contented sigh) and spent some quality time with my boys playing ESPN Sports Scene-It. I was the official card reader. The card-reader gets to knit. I was happy, they were happy... it's all good.

I also found this Cabled Cardigan pattern in the latest Vogue for the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that actually is in my stash. Isn't it pretty? Maybe I'll start it too. Maybe.


amanda said...

We must have similar taste, because besides knitting Sahara, I've also eyed that cabled cardi in the new Vogue. Glad you're going to finish Sahara. I just finished the 1st sleeve too. I think it's a hair too short, even though I did try it on as I went. The directions for going 16" or so from the underarm before doing the diamond rib is way too short - I knit mine up to like 18", and it's still a little short. Oh well. Can't wait to see your progress on it and Wicked!

Tammy said...

Hi...found your blog because you replied to lines in pleasant places. I'm another Tammy...:)
Love your incredible knitting. I only recently picked up knitting needles when a gal came to our home school group to teach the kids. I suddenly remembered a little from my grandma all those years ago! Now my seven year old and I can't seem to stop knitting, but we are just beginners.

Anyway, nice to "meet" you...stop by any time! :)

Laura said...

I love your explanation of how your purchase doesn't *really* count as a yarn purchase! Oh, well, confession is good for the soul, right?