Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's a Gal to Do??

I've panicked, I've grieved, I've agonized, I've tossed and turned, and even, for a moment, I've laughed. I've considered and reconsidered all of my options for the stunning and elegant, yet somewhat too form-fitting, Sahara and so far this is what I've come up with:

  1. Frogging (thus the panic).
  2. Blocking like crazy.
  3. Dieting and/or exercising (that would be the laughing part).
  4. Giving up and returning the unused balls of expensive yarn.
  5. Seeking out some clarity on the term "negative ease" and be aware of its true nature in the future.
  6. Finishing the gorgeous sweater and gifting it to a dear friend of mine who would look stunning and thoroughly enjoy it (I like this one).
  7. Knit myself a summery one in a more casual yarn like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (from stash!) which actually matches gauge and is much more suited to my lifestyle and our weather.

The only actual decisions I've made...
  1. Make no decision at all for at least a couple of weeks.
  2. Start getting low-fat milk in my Starbuck's Iced Mochas.

In the meanwhile, I finally (and I do mean finally since this was knit last May) weaved in the ends to my Starsky and wore it to Park Day today where it kept me amazingly warm in our crisp 54 degree weather. (Would you believe it was 84 degrees two days ago! Ugh!) I even started the belt... in Jamba Juice.

So I can finish the belt, work on my socks and maybe start a scarf... like Backyard Leaves or Lady Eleanor as there shouldn't be any fit issues with these.

And finally, after some careful contemplation, most likely initiated by the agony of defeat, I have most reasonably decided to reconsider my stance on sock yarn as stash and accept the terms as outlined in the original Knit from Your Stash guidelines (see button).
I find my change in position here most acceptable because, well, buying new sock yarn makes me happy! (I was wearing a turquoise t-shirt today :)


Anonymous said...

Gifting Sahara? Oh my...what a nice lady you are. We should all be lucky to have a friend like you.

BTW...I saw the pic of your brother and sister-in-law....and I can see a little resemblance!!

Laura said...

Love the turquoise sock yarn! I'm a firm believer in the notion that sock yarn *never* counts. Bummer on that beautiful sweater. Let me know if/when you frog - I'll join you in spirit here in AL and frog my autumn wrap that I knit waaaaay too long and too skinny!

Lynda said...

Hee- about time on that Starsky! I've been wearing mine like crazy!

Oh... the fit woes. You've got a too-small Sahara and I've got a too-big Sizzle, even after running it through the dryer! Definitely the down side of knitting, you can't just try it on before you buy it, or knit hours of you life into it :o( (spoken like the true "product knitter" that I am!)

amanda said...

i say finish the darned thing and see what happens. it might stretch. you've come this far! if after a while it doesnt give, then i say frog.

Donna Boucher said...

Finish the sweater. Give it as a gift.
Make one to fit yourself.

All of my sister's got socks this year for their birthdays.

I have some gorgeous English Rose sock yarn on it's way from Cyber Mama...
I can't wait to see it in person!

I have not banned myself from buying sock yarn.

And from the looks of it...
you shouldn't have either ;o)

Charity said...

Definitely finish up the Sahara - after all that work, you're so close to the finish line! Save further decisions for then, maybe?

LOVE the new sock yarn! You have to give yourself some wiggle room. :0)