Sunday, January 14, 2007

Maybe It's a Matter of Perspective

I'm a pretty casual person. I get up in the morning, throw on a top and sweats or jeans and begin with barely a glance in the mirror. I've noticed over the last few days, that if I scrutinize myself in the mirror on any given morning, the same way I scrutinize myself in a newly knit top or sweater (such as, say, Sahara), I would quickly conclude that most of my sweaters don't fit. However, with some more contemplation I began to realize that the problem was not nearly so much with my clothes, they do fit, but more with my, um, maturing over-40 figure. I am a woman who has had five children and, well, that baby-carrying belly has not forgotten. Okay, so I don't have the figure I had when I was 24 and no magic sweater is going to make me look like I do. So, I will accept it, get over it, and, I suppose, after a 40 years of never needing to exercise or watch what I eat, I will begin to do that as well.

That said, as I started to tuck Sahara away the other night (in my drawer of knits that need to be out of sight for a bit) I decided to give it another chance. And, with a little blocking, I think it's going to be a-okay! So I started on a sleeve today. I have to tell you that this design is absolutely ingenious! And the diamond rib... ooooh... the diamond rib... it just bowls me over every time I look at it. Above is a peek at the start of the sleeve.

The very best part of my weekend thought was finally getting the chance to meet up with blogging friend, Lynda, at a LYS for a little shopping and lunch! I really enjoyed meeting her in person but felt like I knew her already! My friend Julie came along with her kiddos as well (who were amazingly good in the LYS). I wanted to get some pictures but, here's a shocker, the battery on my camera was dying so I only had time for Julie's daughter to snap one quick pic. How cool is it to meet a new friend you never would've known if it weren't for this whole knit blog world?! (I should also note that our wardrobes include an Essential Stripe sweater, a Starsky, and an Ella. Such fun!)


Lynda said...

It WAS fun! We'll definitely have to do it again.

and, I'm SO glad Sahara's gonna work out after all!

Charity said...

Indeed - such fun! Looks wonderful, and I agree - I am so thankful for my knitty friends. :0)

Yay! Sahara is beautiful, I'm so happy for you that it's going to be yours!

Wendy said...

I'm happy to see that the sleeve is turning out so well! Don'tcha just love how seamless it looks?

Hopefully, I can join you guys next tine you meet.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh Tammy AND Lynda...
I wish I was there :o)

Tammy said...

I wish you were too Donna!