Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knitting Along

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. I hope you got a long weekend!

Saturday was strange as it was our first Saturday in months without any baseball games. You would think we would've awakened overjoyed with great plans of doing nothing (except for the few things we'd been wanting to get done). Instead, my whole family sort of moved around in some sort of restless void. We were all feeling a bit... can you believe it... bored?! Totally bizarre.

However, this void was short lived as we had a surprise party to attend Saturday night for my dad's 60th, a church picnic on Sunday, followed by a family dinner at my parent's home with my out-of-town brother and his new wife on Sunday night. My kids don't get to see their aunts and uncles nearly enough for their liking so instead of pulling them away from their Monopoly marathon, several of us chose to make it a slumber party with late night movies and all.

All good times... but definitely more social activity than my homebody self usually prefers for a weekend. I did finish Tulip and presented it to my mom... it fits her great and she was thrilled, but, of course, I didn't have my camera. I'll have to catch her later.

Following Tulip, my focus shifted to Bonita. This poor top has languished in my bin for months, but I'm finally nearing the finish line. It was with a huge feeling of dread, followed by a giant sigh of relief when I was finally able to try it on and see that it would, in fact, fit... just the fit I was hoping for too!

I'm now working on the sleeves. The pattern calls for them to be cast on with a provisional chain cast on. But after my experience using this method to cast on the initial 222 stitches that made up the gem, I decided to go for the much simpler long tail provisional cast-on. (That and the fact that I didn't want to have to find my crochet hook again.) Hopefully it will work out okay.

Finally, after much obsessing, trial and error with different yarns and patterns, I found this in the Rowan Spring/Summer issue that I bought for my mom's Tulip...

"Maris" in Rowan Calmer.
The perfect white summer cardigan! Coming soon!

Monday, May 28, 2007

At Least For Today

The war in Iraq. You can't find a much more controversial or divisive subject these days.

But for today, at least for this one day, I am compelled to put aside any opinions or convictions I may feel on the subject and encourage you to do the same.

Today, at least for today, take a moment to watch this short video (thank you Angelika) and think about our troops. Think about their brave service, their strength and courage, and the sacrifices being made by the soldiers and their families.

Today, at least for today, lay every opinion aside and think only of the men and women who must fight bravely on while we enjoy a day off.

Because whether it is a cause one believes in or not... America could not be a free nation without men and women like these who, throughout history, have been willing to put their lives on the line to protect a greater good. They aren't policy makers, they are soldiers doing a job... and we need them. Any way you look at it, America could not exist without them. And they our worthy of our utmost respect and gratitude... of our support and prayers... today... and every day.

Let's not let them down.

And, if you want to do something more... something tangible, Ruth has just posted a contest for knitters willing to knit or crochet helmet liners for our troops. (And as if the cause wasn't worthy enough to begin with, just think, it will mean a trip to the LYS or a dip into that stash overflow - leaving room for more yarn - just to get started! It's really a win/win project!)

Happy Memorial Day Friends!

I'm off to knit... or quite possible nap... and feeling quite grateful for the opportunity to choose! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

As a Mother

About 11 years and 3 kids ago, I quit working to pursue my dream of being a SAHM (stay at home mom) with my 4 & 2 yo sons. I'm still amazed that I was blessed with such a gift as this when it seemed financially impossible for so long. We had married young and while we both had decent jobs making really good money, we were more than a bit financially irresponsible (boy, I'm glad I don't struggle with this anymore! *blush*) and never thought we could make it on a single income.

Eventually, the call on my heart to be home with my boys grew so strong that I just couldn't ignore it any longer. Although on paper it seemed impossible to us, with a huge step of faith we let go of my job and I assumed the role of full time Mom. Two weeks later, we found out that I was pregnant again!

Now unfortunately, this was not to be like my other one-week-of-morning-sickness pregnancies. This pregnancy, which in hindsight was surely an indication of the strong personality and spirit of my middle boy, absolutely kicked my, well, you know. I spent long dark days in my pajamas in the living room, sick as all get out, while my boys worked their way through every video in the case. (I knew something was going to have to give when I lay with my 2 yo watching Jurassic Park.) Finally, after 4 months, I began to regain some sense of life again.

However, the pregnancy aside, one of the most difficult things I faced as a SAHM was what felt to me like a lack of productivity. I had no in basket, no meetings, no financial reports to complete, no books to balance... I had nothing at all to track my progress, nothing to make me feel productive. I spent a lot of time playing with the boys... but that was hardly something to check off a list. I did the usual chores... laundry, cooking, marketing, cleaning, etc. But they were unfulfilling for me... because they were never really "done".

This, btw, is what I'm sure I love about knitting so much... the productivity, having something to show for my time. Along the same lines, this is also probably why I hate frogging so much. To me it represents wasted time. I hate wasting time (even though I'm really quite good at it).

I started to feel some purpose again when we began our homeschooling adventure. I was going to teach another human being to read. While this totally freaked me out, it also was going to be productive in a tangible way... something I desperately needed. Being quite practical and analytical myself, I sat down with the young lad and a stack of flash cards quickly introducing him to A B & C. This was going to be great. Little did I know that I would spend that entire first year of homeschooling teaching this active little guy to recognize his letters... let alone read.

I've learned a lot since then... about myself, my kids, teaching, and the faithfulness of God. I've learned that knowledge doesn't have to be forced (just like potty training, they will get it... when they're ready), that patience is necessary when waiting for the results of most parenting and teaching efforts, and... most importantly... that time with a child is never wasted. This is the one that really grabs my heart because although I know it in my head, I do a very poor job of living it out. It is so often hard for me to turn away from a productive task to give a child my time. So I'm writing this to remind myself... and to encourage others who struggle in the same way.

I call knitting, "my sanity" (although it can send to the brink of insanity as well) because it gives me a way to produce... to get the tangible results from labor which I so much desire. (And with a little more patience in the process, I may even produce more items that fit properly.)

So now I struggle to keep balance... to allow that time I need each day to turn yarn into sweaters and socks... a pastime that could easily take over my life (and some might argue it has) because, quite honestly, it can be much more (momentarily) fulfilling than the daily home life routine. But to remember, to always remember, that the results in the lives of my children from my time spent with them will be a far greater payoff one day than a sweater I knit 10 years ago that has long since been out of style.

PS... It's quite possible that the real lesson here is to knit more socks since I don't think they go out of style. But since I'm not sure about that, I'm gonna try to keep the kid thing in mind too. :)

Thank you Donna for always encouraging me... and for reminding me to "encourage one another".

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sheep to Sweater in a Day?!

I just heard about this "Back to Back" contest...

On Sunday, May 27, the Toronto Spiders will take up the International Wool Challenge (Back to Back Competition) for the fourth consecutive year. This competition, involving teams around the world, requires that a sheep be shorn and the fleece spun, plied, and knitted into a sweater (according to a standard pattern) in one day.After two years at the Ontario Handspinning Seminar and a year at Toronto's Riverdale Farm, this year the Toronto Spiders will be at the Pickering Museum in Greenwood, as part of their Opening Day. The team is made up of Wannietta Prescod (the Fastest Knitter in North America in 2005 & 2006), Barbara Aikman, Julia Lee, Judy Pergau, Denise Powell, Karen Richens, and Lorraine Smith of Spinners Quarterly. Our shearer is Bob Comfort, and Joan Kass and Judy Findlay will be our timekeepers and educators. We look forward to having lots of interest and support from passers-by. Like all Back to Back Challenges, we will be raising money for cancer research.We will be attempting to beat our Canadian record time of 6 hours, 51 minutes, and 15 seconds, so hope to finish some time between 4 and 5 p.m.If you are in the neighbourhood, please do drop by and wave, say "Hey y'all", but don't expect us to stop what we're doing to chat with you until the sweater is done!

Unfortunately, I'm a little too far away to drop by here in So Cal, but I know at least a few of my blog buddies are in Canada so I thought I'd pass it along. Plus, I just think the concept is way cool!

Almost FREE! (almost)

Since the boys were exhausted after their late, exciting night out... I slipped away this morning to return the leftover yarn from Tulip and use a gift certificate I received to the same store.

Blue Sky Organic Cotton in Azul
Blue Sky Eyelet Cardigan pattern
And how could I resist the matching Tofutsies sock yarn??

Now that we are through with our testing and Tulip is done (I'll get my mom to model pictures soon), today is a day for knitting and reading. :)

Argh! Pirates We Be!

As some of you may have heard, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was released tonight at 8:00. This is nothing less than a tremendous event in our home... probably the highlight of the year! (Really!) I promised the boys we could go tomorrow morning since we just wrapped up our week of testing today.

But feeling kinda antsy tonight, I grabbed a few of the boys and hopped in the car at 7:45 to see if we could catch one of the 4 shows starting between 8 and 8:45 at a nearby theater. Now, of course, this was destined to be a futile effort, but, well, what the heck.

"Just a minute," yells Daniel...

Okay, ready to go.

We arrived at the theater, walked right up to the ticket booth, and by 8:02 we were sitting in the theater with popcorn and sodas in hand (in great seats I might add) for the 8:10 show!!

Of course I got dressed up too...

(Well, I was wearing black pants.)

We exited the theater around 11:00 to find mobs of people waiting to get in... including my oldest son who was there with a group of friends and a dad who had purchased tickets for the midnight show over a week ago!

Oh, and the movie... Awesome! Exciting, funny, action-packed, and unpredictable... no sequel slacking here!

ETA: As thrilled as my sons are to have a mother that will not only take them to see Pirates but enjoy it as much as they do, it was much to their chagrin that I was the only person to give a big "Woo-hoo" for "the kiss". What kiss? I'm not telling, you'll have to see it yourself.

BTW - If you've seen it, e-mail me... I want to know what you thought! tlreed_81 at msn dot com

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Splash & Stash

Here is a child who has spent the first 8+ years of his life in the 2 foot deep baby pool. Since he was old enough to scream, he has absolutely, positively, in no uncertain terms refused to go in a big swimming pool. Any attempt on our part to share big pool joy with him by carrying him into the pool has been met with sheer hysterics. (And believe me... nobody can do sheer hysterics quite like this one.)

So imagine my surprise when we met some friends at the pool today and I turn around to see this...

And again...

And some more...

After 8 years of wading, I have a swimmer....

I'm so proud!! He never ceases to amaze me. To accomplish anything, all he needs to do is decide to do it. Quite a strong will has he. (Have I ever mentioned he talks like Yoda?)

As for Tulip, looks like we're gonna make it.
It's a unique trim but close-up, it looks like the picture...

And as for those nickels and dimes...

A new project bag to add to one of my most useful collections since I carry a project with me everywhere.

And, the possibly less needed, but much coveted Seacoast Handpainted yarns. Merino/Tencel in "Fresh Air" and a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend in "Chocolate and Caramel". They are both stunning!

Unnecessary and gluttonous, yes... but still stunning!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I'm stumped. Totally and completely stumped. Unfortunately, I'm not only one of those people who refuses to ask for help... I'm also one of those people that refuses to give up until I've solved a problem. Also, you know how most instructions begin with "Read instructions/directions/pattern all the way through before starting"? I'm the type of impulsive, just want to get started, person that they write that for... but I never do.

Which leaves me here... at my wit's end.

Tulip is the first Rowan pattern I've ever knit and I can see that they clearly write their patterns with the assumption that the knitter knows how to knit. This is fine with me because, well, I assume I can knit.

Just like I assumed that once I seamed the shoulders and got to the section titled "Neck Trim", I was going to pick up the 312 stitches around the front and neck. So I painstakingly picked up 312 stitches (or about that) of the very splitty Damask and proceeded to knit back and forth. On about the 4th row, I decided to look ahead in the instructions. Hmmm.... why were they talking about picking up stitches again? And, if the armhole trims are supposed to be done with the smaller needles, wouldn't that mean that the neck.... Uh Oh!

Time to back up and read. Oh... for the neck trim I'm supposed to cast-on 312 stitches on a size 3 needles... not pick up. Yeah... got it. Rrrriiippp. Cast-on 312... proceed with 7 row "ruffle".

Okay, I now have a 312 stitch long ruffle on a size 3 circular ending on a live wrong side (purl) row and I am supposed to do this... "Holding RS of fronts and back in front of WS of trim sts and beg and ending at beg of front slope shaping, pick up and knit 134 sts up left front slope, 44 sts from back, then 134 sts down right front slope , working each st through edge and through sts of trim. Cast of knitwise."


I mean, I get the general idea... (see)
it's just the physical execution that has my mind boggled. I've tried and tried and tried. I now have the "ruffle" divided between 2 circulars so I could stretch out the first 134 stitches up the side so I'd at least get it on even. And I have an extra needle, to go along and pick up the stitches which I assume I'm supposed to use the working yarn from the ruffle for... but HOW???? What I have is a mess.

Does anyone have a clue what I'm even trying to say? Can you help??

Well, at least I had those 2 neck & neck baseball games that ran late, followed by the opportunity to return home with 5 boisterous, cranky, hungry, dirty boys and prepare dinner at 9pm while they argued over who had the best game, who made the biggest error, who was going to get the first shower, and what channel the TV would be on. Otherwise I might be feeling a bit stressed right about now.
Like I said... "Help!!"

ETA: The good news: I think I've got it figured out. "Think" being the key word here.

The bad news: If I had known in the beginning I would've done a much neater job on the front panel decreases since they are not hidden as I had "assumed".

More good news: Everyone has gone to bed.

Bad news: I can't find the remote control... am too tired to move... and just realized that I've been watching ESPN for the last half hour. By myself.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Oooh... Mail!

Actually, the package on the bottom brought the standardized tests for the boys. I'm not in the habit of testing regularly since I don't "teach to the test" but since test taking is truly a skill in itself, I do it occasionally for the exposure.

The best part... test proctors have time to knit. Yesterday I finished knitting the pieces of Tulip, so I took a day off today to finish a sock. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Openwork Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. Love it!

I also got a bit of time to read this afternoon. The Brothers Karamazov is an amazing read. It really engages the mind... which I love... but it makes for poor bedtime reading. So enter Agatha Raisin, my favorite brash Cotswold detective for a little mindless pleasure.

(Did you know that you can knit a pair of short summer socks out of only one hank of Lorna's Laces? Just saying.)

Anyway, from"The Brothers":

"... as soon as man rejects miracles, he will at once reject God as well, for man seeks not so much God as miracles."

Genius insight... Sad, but true.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nickels and Dimes

I'm a horrible nickel and dimer. While I'm pretty unlikely to make large dollar purchases. I can walk through Target and pick up 10-20 semi-necessary, somewhat useful $5-$10 items without thinking twice. I think this is why I have such a growing collection of sock yarn. Of course, I'm suckered in by the beautiful, unique variety of colors, blends, weights, and patterns available... but in the world of high-end yarns, sock yarns are the nickel and dime items. The fact that I don't need any more sock yarn (ever) along with the fact that even small(er) dollar items do add up mostly escapes me. Actually, I'll be honest... I'm not a stupid woman... it doesn't really escape me, I just choose to ignore it. Denial, not ignorance, that's just the way I roll.

Now the above actually does not have much to do with this post... but believe me, it will be good background information to tuck away if you drop by my blog through this upcoming week. Just saying.

This purchase here was a find that was just too amazing to pass up.

Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn in the colorway "Steelers"! The very colors of our youth football teams and the local high school. I don't think I could've even justified passing this up and still considered myself a good mother. And, heck, even if they don't become socks in time for football season, I can just wave the hanks around like pom-poms at the games!

Finally, a couple of gratuitous kid pics...

Gotta love a good Saturday afternoon game!

And here's an older one of Dan-the-Man that I just came across on my cell phone. It expresses the very essence of his enthusiasm for life. (The dark side to that enthusiasm, btw, is the ability to throw one heck of a dramatic tantrum.)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Bit of Rowan

I've been wanting to talk about the latest Rowan magazine (Spring/Summer 2007) since I got it last week to make my mom's Tulip.

I will admit that my experience with these Rowan bi-annual publications is limited, and I only own the last two, but I have to say what a pleasant surprise this one is. While I have always found their designs to be interesting, they definitely leaned to the more artsy side... both in pattern and layout. There were very few things in the last couple of seasons that I personally could imagine knitting, let alone wearing. (But again, I have to insert my Old Navy disclaimer here. My sense of style is really quite limited.)

This issue, however, is beautifully laid out with a great variety of lovely, wearable, heck - realistic knits. Here are just a few of the ones that I admired.

Bonita knit with Damask (same as the yarn I'm using for Tulip... very nice)

Marble (knit with doubled 4ply Cotton for a sort of fair isle look)
This one definitely has that unique yet highly practical look that might make it to "cast-on".

Coastal - Also with 4ply Cotton

Nerissa knit with Handknit Cotton

Henley (hers - Calmer), Shaw (his - Handknit Cotton)

There are actually a couple of very nice, masculine sweaters for men... as well as a great variety of unique tops for women. There are even a few cute household knits.
And then there's my favorite. Yarn and needles await... and you must await too. :)

Now I'm off to read and knit. BTW Julie, I'm on page 225... have you flown past me again?

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little Splashing and a Contest!

I'm here, but no new knitting to show you, unless you want to see the heel I turned on a sock today. Nah... probably not. Today was spent at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor where my time was devoted to my youngest since I had promised that I would be able to play with him all day today. There was no shortage of play area for a little guy like him... and he wanted me next to him at every moment. My pleas of "But Mommy won't fit down that slide," meant absolutely nothing to him. But it was worth every slide and splash since he can never get enough Mommy-time and it's one thing that can be spread a bit thin around here. So we slid and we splashed and we floated around with Brother on a rented 2 person inner tube. The boys even managed to get Dad to take the day off work to go with us, so I'd have to rate it as a great day.

Note: Yes, pictures of wet, splashing, happy boys would be great about now... but, of course, I forgot my camera. I mean, it's not like I was going yarn shopping or anything. (Ugh!)

Anyway, all that said... I really don't care for water parks. What I do like are the big roller coasters we could see at Six Flags Magic Mountain right next door. I like things with tracks... built by brilliant engineers... technologically designed to give you the maximum thrill within a precise range of safety and structural guidelines. Fast, sideways, upside down, all around - bring it on. But water slides? In my opinion, they just leave way too much room for human error. No tracks, no stability. I mean how do they no that any given slide will provide the necessary safety for a person of unspecified weight, size, or, well, wiggling? Rafts can tip, people can flip... and as for the enclosed dark tubes... nope, I can't even talk about it.

So I'll talk about knitting. Actually, I'm going to direct you to a blog I just found (through Kaity's blog) and let her talk to you about knitting and a contest she's having right now. Ali is a designer for Blue Sky Alpacas and a fellow homeschooler! (I thought that was way cool.)

BTW - She designed this Eyelet Cardigan here which has had my attention for some time.

Well, one of the contest rules is to make a list of summer knitting goals. Although I don't really have many specific goals myself... and I especially hate to put anything down in writing since I tend to rebel against even my own best intentions (remember my, what was it, 2 week attempt at Knit from Your Stash 2007?), the contest is simple and involves possibly winning yarn, so I'm in!

My Summer Goals (on which I'm sure to look back and laugh):

Finish Mom's Tulip
Finish Bonita
Finish Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell
White Cardigan (more of an obsession really than a goal)
At least one other summer tank or top
6 pairs of socks (yes, really, this will be necessary to make up for my recent sock yarn splurges)

I'm stopping there. I would like to think that I'll knit several tops, dozens of socks, and a great wrap. But I'm trying to keep at least one foot on the ground here.

What are your goals???

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Advice Please

Boy, I guess project monogamy makes me a boring blogger. I've been working solely on my mom's Tulip sweater when time has allowed this week. I'm quite amazed with my new found ability to stay focused on a single project... and even more amazed that I actually get things finished this way. What d'ya know?

I finished the back and one front and have just started the other front. Soon I'll need to block and seam which leads me to a question. As I mentioned before, the yarn is a blend of 57% Viscose, 22% Linen, and 21% Acrylic. According to the directions, it can be dry cleaned or hand washed in soap flakes (but no soaking) then dried flat. If needed, it can be pressed with a cool iron and a damp pressing cloth.

So... what should I do to block it? A quick wash and the blocking board? Cool iron? (It doesn't seem that a cool iron would be very helpful.) Steam?

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

I just got the pictured stitch markers on sale from Dragonlady Designs at Etsy. Sometimes it's the little things that perk up a project... and I can be quite easily amused.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ramblings and a Couple of Twists

Well, today was a big day for us. I enrolled my oldest son at the local high school for the fall. He'll be a freshman. I knew this day would likely come and we have prayed for wisdom in making this decision for many, many years. I'm happy to say that I feel very confident and peaceful about the decision... but it still was a big deal to me on many levels. 1) He's leaving home to go to school. 2)I'm going to have a high-schooler. 3) He'll be 18 in 3 years and graduate in 4 years. 4) I'm getting old.

I'm actually very excited for him. He's set up to play football and I know he'll love all the activity around him. However, to say that he is academically unmotivated would be, at the very least, a great understatement. So, as I expected, he quietly sat through our counseling appointment with very little interest while we selected his basic classes. Then we get to the exciting part... choosing an elective! (I've been so excited for him to get to explore some different areas of interest.) We point out woodworking and a variety of computer classes (both things he loves) and he asks, "What about Spanish?" Huh?!

Counselor: "Well, yes, you can take Spanish."
Son: "How many years of foreign language do I need?"
Counselor: "To graduate or for a 4 year college?"

Note: I've been hoping for high school graduation (without too much summer school) in 4 years.

Son: "College"
Counselor: "At least 2, preferably 3."
Son: "Spanish then. I'd better get started."
Me: Who is this sitting next to me and what have you done with my son??????

Anyway, in my own effort to increase brain cells with classic literature, I ordered these books from Amazon. I love the Invitation to the Classics. It has a great bio/review of each author and his/her work, helping the reader to gain some additional insight. It also features "Issues to Explore" and ideas "For Further Research" on the featured books. (Some great discussion topics here, Julie. BTW, when you get a moment, say a prayer for Julie. She lost her father last week after a long illness.)
Boy... Algebra, good literature... and I'm excited about both. Education really is wasted on the young. (And yes, btw, I do collect books much like I collect sock yarn.)

I also had to show you this cool edging that is knit into the bottom of the Rowan Tulip sweater. After a few rows of stockinette, you actually twist the left hand needle every so many stitches, flipping over the row of knitting, and then proceed. It produces this nice ruffly trim.

Oh, the sock in progress at the top is being knit with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Spring Frost using the twisted loop stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks. It's my first time using CTH and I am loving it... the colors, the feel, the squishiness... all of it. (I figured if I was going to ramble on about my son and those Karamazov Brothers, I should lure you in first with a picture of actual knitting.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day and Stuff

So, what did you get for Mother's Day?

I bet you didn't get one of these?

It took Wy-Guy all of about 3 minutes of snake-hunting to grab this slithering creature which he ran all the way home with. I swear, this kid has some sort of sixth sense when it comes to reptiles, and even though he's been bit at least a dozen times (In fact, snakes seem to have a particular "taste" for him because even snakes that "never bite" bite him. So I guess the attraction is mutual.) he has absolutely NO fear of snakes.

Well, a debate quickly broke out between 13 yo Trav and Wy-Guy as to exactly what kind of snake it was and since DH wasn't home to resolve it, we made a quick trip to Borders. This worked out since Trav and I needed some help with all the planes and trains that have started travelling at different speeds between New York and Chicago in his Algebra book.

Anyway, knitting... where have I been and have I been knitting? Oh yes, there's been knitting... even a couple of visits to the LYS to obsess about "the white cardigan" and knit with Wendy.

Finally, Friday afternoon, I decided I should run and get a gift for my mom (since, you know, Mother's Day was quickly approaching). I was on my way to get a gift certificate but oddly enough found myself driving up the coast to a yarn store. I knew she'd been wanting me to knit something for her. We had talked about it around her birthday in March, but never finalized a pattern or color so I was afraid to invest the time into something she would like. I was hoping to find something small and special to knit to give to her along with the certificate but when I walked in, I saw the perfect sweater for her. So, on Friday at 5:00 I walked through my front door with this...

It's Rowan's new Damask - a Linen, viscose, acrylic blend - for Tulip from the Spring/Summer 2007 Rowan magazine.

And for my MIL...

and, well, because I was there...

So I knit like crazy all weekend and finished... the back. Yes, it was a little anti-climatic to present her with the finished back of a sweater for Mother's Day (and belated b-day) but I should be able to get the fronts whipped out pretty quick.

The yarn is really nice. The color variations are beautiful and it just glides across the needles. It has an uneven twist to it that tends to split a bit, but provides an interesting textured look that, to the delight of my perfectionist streak, alleviates any pressure for perfect, even stitches when speed-knitting.

And... would you believe... I finished another pair of socks?? I should mention that I finished the first one last October or something. Anyway, they're Knitty's Crusoe socks knit on size 1 dpns with 1 hank of Lorna's Laces Daffodil sock yarn. (If anyone's interested, I'll be adding the 2nd hank to my stashout.)

Happy Mother's Day Bloggy Friends!